M'Karn is an anthropomorphic tiger monk from Echo 41421 and main member of the Infinity Corps, working as a muscle for Herald Team. On his homeworld, he tasked himself with guarding the mystic arts from those who would seek to exploit them for their personal gain. When the rifts opened, M'Karn was met by Ninety-Eight, who he began traveling across the multiverse with.

M'Karn, Defender of the Mystic Arts Edit

In his early life, M'Karn was a simple member of a Tiger Clan residing in his Echoes land of India. Across India and the world, creatures of all kinds warred with one another over land, power, and other earthly material. Eventually, M'Karn grew curious with the world outside his village and the battlefield and set off on his own journey when he had turned 50 years old and reached adulthood.

While on his journey, as if it were destiny, M'Karn stumbled upon a large garden in the mountains, and in a flash of energy, discovered the existence of the mystic arts: the ability to bend reality at will in his own universe. M'Karn stayed and flexed his newfound powers for many years, discovering more and more about the mystic arts every day. Looking over the mountains, he remembered the bloodshed of the world he had left behind. M'Karn knew that he could never reveal the mystic world to the common creatures, as they would only use it in order to conquer one another. His garden had grown to appear otherworldly over the years he had spent there, and clearly had been altered in some form. As a group of refugees coming from a burnt village moved through the mountains, they found M'Karn practicing the arts, and quickly ran to tell others what they had seen. Word traveled fast even between the warring clans and many began to seek M'Karn out to learn these ways for themselves. Knowing this would be disastrous, M'Karn began a new journey: to climb to the highest peak of the world where earth met heaven, and leave the earthly world behind.

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